It is from beautiful seeds that incredible women blossom. Free and capable of giving direction to their lives. ✦

Perfect in themselves, when treated with love, they flourish.

Unique in essence, they are the expression of the beauty and delicacy of being authentic.

Flower power

How does it feel to appreciate details beyond what the eyes used to see?

The Essentials Collection

A perfect fusion between the ambulance and simplicity of nature.

Less is more

Timeless and wearable earrings with a delicate twist that add a touch of style to any outfit.

Bloom where you are planted.

Express yourself in your own way

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Timeless pieces to treasure forever


Stainless steel hoops

With the earrings most versatility ✦

Rose ⚘

The rose symbolizes perfection, love, heart, soul, purity, sensuality and rebirth.

This one is really special, engraved on a mother-of-pearl extracted from sea shells.

Designed for Everyday Glamour

Soon-to-be staples in your routine



Just like flowers, this collection dances in the wind, contouring colors, shapes and symmetries.

Our Brand

Welcome to Mint Green

Mint Green is a brand of accessories that gives the freshness of mint to your everyday looks. All the pieces are selected from us to give you singularity, style and personality. Mint Green offers trendy products with best prices on the market , for everyone and everywhere. Our accessories fly to you.

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Quality & Durability

Waterproof, you can take a bath with them. The material is also anti allergic and it will last you a long time.

Mystery Box ✧⋆

We created this mystery box ✦ with different accessories from mint green.The accessories in total have a value of €100 but the mystery box has a special price, leaving it for only €39.90!

Take the opportunity to start now your collection of accessories Mint Green!

Mystery Box ✧⋆

Nós gostamos de vos mimar!

Para isso criamos esta caixa mistério ✦ com acessórios variados da mint green. Os acessórios no total têm um valor de 100€ mas a caixa mistério tem um preço especial ficando assim por apenas 39,90€! 

Aproveita para começares agora a tua coleção de acessórios Mint Green!

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Stainless Steel

This necklaces is waterproof, you can take a bath with them. The material is also anti allergic and it will last you a long time.

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The perfect match for your look

The perfect match for your look

The perfect match for your look

The perfect match for your look

What is your favorite color?

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The perfect mini earrings for combinations

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Your accessories are true gifts of self-love

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All packaging is customized by us with love.

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with love, Bárbara ✦

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